boat done

September 18, 2009

the boats done  heres a picture of it

on the botem of the post

Picture 52


meat perribentest

September 18, 2009

hi guys im a editer for the webosarus club

my webosarus name is perribentest  i go on jurasic server

about my adcount

i have bone aumer but not all and i wear no healmet

im a non member

im freinds with kronos

and most of the mods

the mods  go on jurasic

but no other servers exept if ther is a protecto meting

or a party

if you see me say hi

p.s im a editor and not a aufor

ok bye

(re)Design contest

September 10, 2009

*You have to read the whole thing to know what to do*

Heyy dinos! Kronos here! I’m hosting a design contest! What you have to do is design a picture! Any picture! Make an absract! An armor design! A Crazy Random Picture That means totaly nothing! But, It has to be mostly made by you. Rules:

1: No words

2: No bad things

3: It can be funny

I will make a poll for the coolest top 5! Then you vote the rest! Well, there can’t be a contest without prizes!

1:  An editor on my website, A promo code, Be in a music video of ours, A spot on the “Contest Winners!” page, A header your way if you want, I’ll call you Awesomeness if you want :D

2: A promo code, Be in a music video of ours, A spot on the “Contest Winners!” page, A header your way if you want

3: A spot on the “Contest Winners!” page

Wow! A lot of prizes! Now it’s your turn to enter! The contest will be judged on Saturday! Good luck ;)

*Entered so far*




I need 6 people to enter to judge it. Make sure to comment your picture’s link so I can judge the picture!


New member to the team!

September 2, 2009

We have a new member for webosaursclub! It’s Kronoscousin (mycousin)! Say hello to my cousin! 😀


New video!

September 2, 2009

Second music video called Do you like waffles? by Parry gripp. Made by Kronos. Kronos’s cousin is in this video! His name is Kronoscousin! Hope you like watching this video!


August 31, 2009

So me and beluga started making videos! Woot! This video is so cool! It took me about 5 hours of work. Check this out:

Hope you like it! Subscribe rate and comment! You’ll see Beluga, Kronos (me), Slash, and Monster_man in the video! I made the stuff with editing and Beluga took a lot of the pics.


Hiring Editors

August 25, 2009

I haven’t posted for a long time. Sorry. I am Hiring editors. Comment if you would like to be an editor. I need 2 editors. 2 Contributors. So comment. I need to stay updated. I am really busyn though. Me and Beluga may start makin videos. So maybe beluga as a second admin. Well, Comment if you would like to help out. Also Nick_mon will not be given away. My brother will be using him. If you want to help out comment your email and your name. After IF I make you a helper then Post that you are new. Thanks. Also I am makin youtube videos. Check it out. Comment rate and subscribe. I am makin so I’ll be really busy.